Blue Elephant Brussels

Pioneer in offering Asian cuisine with fine dining standards in the West. Since 1980.


Walking into Blue Elephant Brussels dazzles the senses. It is a world of lush plants and trickling fountains. The scent of tropical flowers mingles with the heady aroma of exotic herbs and spices flown in fresh from the Far East. Blue Elephant Brussels is a total sensory concept based on the very best of traditional Thai Beauty, charm and courtesy.




Superb Royal Thai cuisine sets the standard of dining excellence requiring expertly trained chefs endowed with great patience, The result is a deliciously diverse, colorful and delicate menu. Blue Elephant Brussels takes restaurant dining to new heights and ensures a most memorable occasion.

Live a total experience

Sunday brunch

Our enticing Siamese Table Sunday brunch blends iconic Thai dishes, bringing together Thai connoisseurs with the nation’s remarkable cuisine. Savour Royal Palace recipes against a backdrop of vivid exotic flowers and rare antiques.

What they say about us

“Back to excellence! I hadn’t been there for quite some time and wasn’t surprise that the quality/excellence is still there. Cannot find a minus note after the wonderful evening we spent there. Service is perfect, the food is (as always) amazing and the atmosphere brings the whole experience to another level. We’ll be back soon.”

Jerome, Brussels

“Great service! 雰囲気も接客もお料理も最高!Atmosphere was great, they decorate all tables and floor with blue and white. Dinner was amazing as well. Staffs were so nice to me. You don’t have to wary about anything, I’m sure that you could have a great Thai food here. お部屋の中のデコレーションがとても素敵でした。白と青で統一されていてとても、オシャレです。お料理も美味しく、なによりスタッフも素敵でした!またぜひお伺いします”

Richie, Tokyo

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